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The Kennedy Fir® Christmas tree features our convenient Quick Set™ lighting system. This innovative technology automatically connects all light strings within the trunk as you set up, so all you need is a single plug to illuminate your tree. In addition to Clear lights, our Kennedy Fir is offered with Color Changing LED Lights. This option provides you with 4-in-1 LED lighting choices: 1) clear, 2) multicolored, 3) alternating from clear to multicolored, and 4) off. The same LED bulb changes from clear to colored light (yellow, red, blue, or green), giving your tree a different look with just the click of a button.

This gorgeous Kennedy Fir® slim tree is designed with a combination of lifelike Real Feel™ PE tips and PVC needles to give it the lush appearance of a genuine tree. Gracefully descending branches create a breathtaking scene that draws everyone together on Christmas Eve, while glowing lights create a starlit effect that spells enchantment for the whole family.

Invite the spirit of Christmas into your home with the joyous sight of our Kennedy Fir® wreath and garland. These beautiful door wreaths have the same breathtaking foliage as our Kennedy Fir® tree, whose elegant greens are reminiscent of the forested mountains of New England. The Kennedy Fir® wreath is available with battery-operated and timed clear LED outdoor lights that further enhance the charm of this classic selection.

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The Kennedy Fir® offers:

  • Highly realistic Real-Feel™ needles
  • Sturdy metal stand included
  • Attractive Narrow Profile
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included
  • LED Color Changing Options
  • Quick Set Lights Instantly with a Single Plug


Tree Specifications

SKU Height Width Light Type Light Count Tip Count Weight
2801337 6.5 ft 40 in Unlit N/A 1390 26 lbs
2808310 6.5 ft 40 in LED Clear 450 1390 32 lbs
2806973 6.5 ft 40 in LED Color Changing 450 1390 31 lbs
2801339 7.5 ft 41 in Unlit N/A 1886 32 lbs
2806983 7.5 ft 41 in LED Color Changing 600 1886 40 lbs
2808311 7.5 ft 41 in LED Clear 600 1886 41 lbs
2809300* 7.5 ft 41 in LED Color Changing 600 1886 41 lbs
2801341 9 ft 50 in Unlit N/A 3064 50 lbs
2806976 9 ft 42 in LED Color Changing 900 3064 61 lbs
2808312 9 ft 50 in LED Clear 900 3064 62 lbs
2809301* 9 ft 50 in LED Color Changing 900 3064 62 lbs
*Includes Grow & Stow technology

Wreath Specifications

SKU Diameter Light Type Light Count Tip Count
2801343 24 in Clear 50 182
2801344 24 in LED Clear 35 182
2801345 32 in Clear 100 301

Garland Specifications

SKU Length Light Type Light Count Tip Count
2801342 9 ft Clear 100 294

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